Personal Coaching

Personal, one-on-one Coaching has taken the business world by storm and an increasingly larger percentage of sales professionals and entrepreneurs from all industries are hiring personal Coaches. They are doing this for two main reasons – It Is Affordable And It Works!!!

The most successful people on this planet will tell you that to move forward in ANY endeavor it is extremely important and in some cases ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to have a perspective and a voice outside of your own to guide you, offer feedback, hold you accountable and teach you skills you do not already possess. It is even more helpful when this individual can serve as a Mentor and role model to help keep you inspired and clear on your vision, while reminding you of what is truly possible.

The beauty of working with your own Coach is you have a trained expert and a seasoned veteran working with you specifically and directly on what is most important to YOU. The goals you focus on and the skills you address can be purely business, but they can be personal as well. And as we are sure you already know, the two almost always intersect.

We have set it up so you can learn about what is involved in working with a Coach – the expectations, the process and the methodology, as well as the benefits and rewards without having to spend any money or commit to a relationship. With that in place, why wouldn’t you at least inquire into what it takes?

If you could improve your bottom line, eliminate disempowering or destructive habits, make more money, build a better team, improve your relationships, improve your health, grow your business and improve the overall quality of your life and so much more by getting help from an expert who is trained specifically in creating those outcomes, why not at least inquire into what is involved and how it works?


  • How would you like to have a trained expert help your team to get better results in less time while making your life easier simultaneously?
  • How would you like to have your team trained by that expert in a way that is affordable, structured and that caters to the specific needs of your organization?
  • How would you like to do all of the above in a way that keeps your team members committed to and vested in the process?

That is exactly what we are offering!

This alone can take your team to the next level and create the breakthroughs and improvements you have been looking for. Our approach focuses on the individual success of each one of your people, but uses an interactive team dynamic to accomplish that outcome.

The “Road To Mastery” Team Coaching Program Will Help:

  • Increase sales and improve bottom line results!!!
  • Generate more referral business.
  • Get your people versed and fluent in the most critical selling skills needed to close business – covering every step of the sales process.
  • Your team to learn and implement proven marketing approaches that will save time, leverage effort and improve results, including how to use the internet more effectively. (Effective marketing is one of the most overlooked tools in sales today.)
  • Create a culture of mutual support and accountability amongst your people.
  • Keep the energy level on your team up on a much more consistent basis.
  • Your people to hear a fresh voice and a different approach to what they are used to for who knows how long. This is going to shake things up in the most positive of ways.

This is ideal for sales teams of anywhere from 5 to 20 people.Team sessions are normally 90 minutes in duration and are extremely interactive. There are ongoing assignments, team accountability, role-playing, question and answer and the program follows a specific and methodical progression which is customized by the Coach and determined by the team’s needs.

Larger organizations can divide their sales force into smaller teams. But if your organization is significantly larger and you want a more unified program in place, or you simply want to take a more thorough approach to your training process regardless of size, we recommend looking into our customized consulting and training programs.


“As my personal Life and Business Coach over the last several months, Mitch has been a constant source of guidance and inspiration. He has helped me clearly identify areas of my life which needed improvement, and then set out a specific action plan for me to follow. With Mitch’s Coaching, I communicate with my team more effectively and manage my time more strategically. Due to our time together, I have become a stronger and better person.”

Peter Rosaschi, Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual


“My team has been in the program for less than 3 months and already I see a major shift! My agents are more focused, working smarter and look forward to the sessions with our Coach. We are also learning tools for marketing, referral generation and follow through that we never would have known and definitely would not have used had it not been for this program. If you are serious about stepping up, you should get your team into this program.”

Diane Ailor, Broker-Owner, Century 21, Ailor Associates, Oakhurst, New Jersey