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To master this aspect of your sales game, there are 3 main areas you must address and master:

1) How you live your own life in regards to spending money

2) Your professional identity

3) Your selling skills

3) Your selling skills

Remember, the best time to handle an objection is before it comes up. If you think price/fee may come up as an objection, then your job is to pre-empt it in advance. You want to point out and even show off in advance about the fact that you are more expensive then your competition as one of the things that sets you apart. Have it be part of your identity. To use an old but effective example:


“We are the Rolls Royce of the __________ industry.”


Speak as if you are in another league than your competition from the very beginning. Create a very strong Pre-Frame (covered in “Qualifying Your Prospects…”) for your prospects up front.

One specific rebuttal you can give:

1) “You are correct, our price/fee is higher than abc competition, yet every year we sell millions (billions) of dollars worth of your product/service to some of the smartest consumers (corporations) in the market. Would you like to know why?”


2) “Yes, you are correct, our price/fee is higher than abc competition, yet every year we outsell abc by 25% (if that is true), would you like to know why?”


There’s a lot more where that came from. In addition to this article on protecting your commission, I am about to release a much more comprehensive book which will contain “Protecting Your Commission” as an entire chapter as well. This book is going to cover the most important skills and tools you must know in today’s marketplace if you want to be at the top of your game as a sales professional. If you have any interest in pre-ordering, please feel free to contact my organization


Remember, you are entitled to every penny you are charging and more! You truly are that good. If you don’t really get that on a gut level, do the work on yourself to engrain it. That is absolutely key. Have a great day and I will be in touch!



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Mitch Harris
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