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To master this aspect of your sales game, there are 3 main areas you must address and master:

1) How you live your own life in regards to spending money

2) Your professional identity

3) Your selling skills

1. How you live your own life in regards to money


  • How do you approach the issue of price when it comes to your own money?
  • Do you tend to focus on price first or price only – always looking to get the biggest discount with consideration for everything else being secondary?
  • In other words, how do you live your own life regarding this?
  • When it comes time to spend your own money or make buying decisions for yourself, how to you process that decision?
  • How heavily do you weigh the factor of price, or fee? Are you a habitual tight wad?

I encourage you to take a rigorous personal inventory of yourself. This is absolutely critical. Is price the very first thing you tend to look at and worry about before everything else? In answering this, be sure that you are not answering from a perspective of who you believe yourself to be or who you want to be. Take a look at how you actually think and act in those situations. Attempting to recommend, let alone persuade someone else to do something or make a decision that you clearly would not do yourself can be extremely difficult. Think about the contradiction there. You’re living a lie! You don’t have any mental legs to stand on and your subconscious knows it.

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Mitch Harris
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